Late Shri Shankarrao Yadav
Late Shri Shankarrao Bhoir
Late Shri Chimaji Utekar
Late Shri Sudhir Yadav
Established on August 1, 1925, Shree Mavli Mandal Thane is a remarkable charitable trust that has left an indelible mark on the community. Registered under the public trust act of 1952, with registration number A/39, our founders, the visionary sports enthusiasts Late Shri Shankarrao Yadav and Late Shri Shankarrao Bhoir, aspired to serve society by creating a well-equipped sports center in the city. Today, their dream has become a vibrant reality as Shree Mavli Mandal stands as a leading organization, boasting a modern gymnasium and an enviable sports ground.
The impact of Shree Mavli Mandal on the children and youth of Thane is truly remarkable. Our unwavering commitment to fostering athletic talent has propelled many individuals to achieve state and national-level accolades, elevating the organization's name and reputation. Inspired by the dedication of our founders, a group of passionate young individuals joined our ranks, led by the visionary Late Shri Sudhir Shankarrao Yadav, working tirelessly to advance the organization's progress.
In 2005, we embraced a new endeavor with the same fervor and enthusiasm — the field of education. With immense pride, we have successfully established a unique educational center that nurtures the all-round development of our students. Our institute is equipped with modern amenities and supported by a dedicated staff who are committed to creating an enriching learning environment.
At Shree Mavli Mandal Thane, we believe in igniting the spark of champions. Our legacy of inspiration drives us to empower youth, enabling them to shine on the state and national stages. We take pride in our holistic approach, where sports and education go hand in hand, fostering excellence in every aspect of a student's life.
Join us in celebrating the extraordinary journey of Shree Mavli Mandal Thane, where passion, progress and achievement converge to shape a brighter future for generations to come.