The best part of the school is Playway method.
Other Schools have text books, notebooks, encyclopedias but here in this school I see my son coming up with one text book and writing sheets so that burden of carrying books is reduced by 75%. The staff here is very co-operative.
Nishika Sawant
Primary Section
The main thing I love about this school is that apart from education, discipline they are teaching everything alongwith motherly touch.
Here alongwith studies they are also concerned about sports and physical education of the children.i AM PROUD OF HIM AND ALSO OF THIS School.
Kirti Prabhu
Secondary Section
In addition to academic value, here they add more value.
His listening capacity has increased , he respects everyone, his elders..all this has been inculcated by the school.
Mr.Tushar Pradhan
Primary Section
Here what I like is that the atmosphere is just like a family.
The emphasis here is on improving communication skills. Their approach is just great.
Mr. Sagar Salvi
Pre-Primary Section
Here the treatment is unbiased. They treat every child as equal.
The school is not only about syllabus learning they focus on activities like field trips, night stay for senior K.G.students. This makes them more confident.
Miss. Sujata Jaiswal
Pre-Primary Section