Welcome Parents,
We at Shree Mavli Mandal High School, Thane, believe in giving our students strong values along with a set of wings which may carry them far and wide.
Our school’s tradition happily brings together sound academic achievement with an extensive, vibrant co-curricular programme that includes sports, and leadership training programmes.
Our aim is to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students and for this we are developing the skills and demeanour of lifelong ‘learning’, essential for making responsible global citizens, from interactive teaching methods to a healthy teacher student relationship, we work around making studies as effortless as possible.
We foster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students, parents, teachers and support staff striving to create a milieu that sustains excellence. The School’s genuine concern ensures student’s emotional growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence. Sharing ideas, analyzing situations and expressing them confidently are essential skills which are honed here through Experiential Learning.
We truly believe in our mission “Wisdom with Humanity” which means “If knowledge and wisdom which we gain through education has a firm base of humanity the whole mankind will become happy.