Strict Rules to be followed

General Rules

  1. All the pupils are expected to come in proper school uniform every day.
    Each student must have at least two sets of uniform. Cleanliness will be marked.
    Students should wear the uniform as recommended by the school.

  2. Fancy earrings, bangles, hair bands, Mehandi, or tattoo are not allowed.Students should cut their nails regularly.

  3. Parents are requested not to meet teaching staff without prior permission of the Headmistress on working days.

  4. Pupils must be in the school premises 10 minutes before the school session.

  5. Parents and guardians are requested to handover their wards to the attendant and leave immediately and not to sit back in the school premises.

  6. Parents and guardians are requested to come to take their wards only 5 minutes before the school leaves. Any one coming before will not be allowed to sit in the school premises.

  7. Pupils who are absent must bring written note in school calendar.

  8. Leave / Absence for more than 3 days should be sanctioned priorly, from the Headmistress.

  9. Parents are requested to send this calendar to school every day and follow the rules in detail.

  10. First day attendance is compulsory after Ganpati Holidays, Diwali and Summer vacation.