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Gandhi Jayanti Activity 2021

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti i.e on 2nd October 2021, students of Std. I to VII participated in various activities to support 'SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN'. Students participated in different activities such as singing, drawing and making models of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'. Some students made 'Charakhas' and some drew wonderful sketches of Mahatma Gandhi. To praise the efforts taken by them do watch a presentation of work done by them. View Video Std I-II (Primary Section)
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Hindi Din 2021

हमारी पाठशाला में ऑनलाइन कक्षा के समय कक्षा पांचवी से कक्षा सातवीं तक हिंदी दिवस का आयोजन किया गया था। इस दिवस की महत्वता विद्यार्थियों को बताई गई। इस दिन के लिए कक्षा में 'घोषवाक्य लेखन', 'अंग्रेजी-हिंदी शब्द रूपांतरण' और 'वाद-विवाद कार्यकलाप' का आयोजन किया गया था। विद्यार्थियों ने बड़ी संख्या में इन कार्यकलापो में भाग लिया और आनंद उठाया। हमारे विद्यार्थियों को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए इस दिवस के चित्र देखे। View PPTX (Primary Section)
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Teacher Day Activity 2021

Teachers conduct various activities throughout the year to celebrate important days - encourage and heappreciate their students for their efforts and creativity. But there is one special day when students appreciate and thank their teachers for everything that their teachers do for them. It's "Teachers' Day".
This year our students surprised us by thanking the teachers in a graceful manner. Some of them sung, some drew, some expressed their gratitude in writing. It was also good to hear the value of teachers' work from the students themselves. We enjoyed all this thoroughly. You also enjoy by watching the presentation and please appreciate and encourage these creative minds.
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Ganpati Activity 2021

Oh my friend Ganesha Tu rehena saath hamesha
This is a wish of every Ganesh bhakta. We all wait for the arrival of our beloved Ganpati Bappa for the whole year and when the time comes, we all get busy in the preparations to welcome him. Our school students also prepared wonderful things to welcome Bappa. Students of std. I & II made beautiful garlands. Std. III students made crowns for him. Students of Std. IV & V made Ganesha idols, students of std. VI made 'makhars' and 'aasans' and std. VII students decorated backdrops. To see this creativity, do watch the presentation.
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Raksha Bandhan Activity 2021

This is a bond of love, a bond of togetherness, a bond of sharing & caring, which has a sweet name RAKSHABANDHAN
No matter how far or near, old or young It's a special day to celebrate those wonderful memories enjoyed with our siblings.
For this special day our students of std I to V performed wonderful activities like rakhi making, envelope decoration, thali decoration and making greeting cards. These activities were conducted a day before of Rakshabandhan i.e. on Saturday 21/08/2021 during online classes..
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Independence Day Activity 2021

A nation, where the spirit of pride, greatness and honour is common to every soul, living or dead. A nation, that makes all of us proud, it's our India.
This year the Independence Day of India is celebrated on Sunday 15th August 2021 with great pride and enthusiasm all over the country as well as in our school.
President of the school hoisted the national flag with pride. Students also participated in the celebration by performing different activities during online sessions. Activities like singing of National Anthem, patriotic songs, making of tri colour wall hangings, speech, quiz, fancy dress, etc. were conducted. Students showed great interest and gave good response. To encourage them please watch the videos of students' work.
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Gurupurnima Activity 2021

As per our tradition we celebrate Guru Purnima on the full moon day of the Ashadha month. This Purnima is also known as Vyasa Purnima. To celebrate this auspicious day, students of standard I to VII participated in different activities to show gratitude towards their gurus. To encourage our students, please watch the presentation of the activities performed by the students..
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International Yoga Day 2021

'Yoga' means 'to unite' or 'to join'.
Like every year we the staff of Shree Mavli Mandal High School and our students united online for a good cause i.e. to celebrate 'The international day of Yoga' on 21st of June 2021.
Keeping in mind the theme for this year 'Yoga for well-being' all the students of std I to VII and the whole staff practiced different asanas and meditation.
Benefits of practicing Yoga on daily basis was also explained during the session.
To know more, please watch the photos and videos of the Yoga session. .
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