Method of teaching is activity based . All the activities are helpful to develop fine motor and gross motor skills of child.

Following activitiesare helpful to develop child’s FINE MOTOR SKILLS as well as eye and hand co-ordination.

Following activitiesare helpful to develop child’s GROSS MOTOR SKILLS as well as eye and hand co-ordination.


To give real experience, Field Trips are regularly arranged to various places related to their syllabus.


It is related with the syllabus. Children love to cook and observe a lot. Here we give them a chance to be an independent child and know what they are going to make , its ingredients and its method.

Christmas Activity

Our students of standard I o VII have made this Christmas memorable by performing different activities which will definitely amaze you. .
Std III – V View Video (Primary Section)
Std VI – VII View Video (Primary Section)

Tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji and Lal Bahadur Shastriji on their Birth Anniversary

2nd October is an important day for India as birth anniversaries of our two great National leaders ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ & ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri’ are celebrated on this day. On this occasion, our students of standard III to VII performed the activities keeping in mind the messages given by them of cleanliness, hard work, respect for our farmers & soldiers.
View Photos Std 3to5 (Primary Section)
View Photos Std 6to7 (Primary Section)

Hindi Diwas Celebration

आंगन-आंगन हिन्दी, अक्षर संग मुस्काए हर भाषा के साथ में फूलों सी खिल जाए
View Photos (Primary Section)

Teacher Day Celebration

After parents one who plays an important role in child’s life is his/her teacher. A teacher tries to bring out the best in students and inspire them to strive for greatness. A teacher imparts knowledge, good values, tradition, modern-day challenges and ways to resolve them, within students. To show gratitude towards the teachers, our students of standard III to VII thanked them in their own ways.
Std III – V View Video (Primary Section)
Std VI – VII View Video (Primary Section)

Ganpati Celebration Activity 2020

Young children are full of energy, enthusiasm and passion, and when it comes to their favourite Lord Ganesha, no one could stop them. You would be surely amazed to see the preparations of our students (std III to VII) to welcome their dearest Ganapati Bappa.
Std III – V View Photos (Primary Section)
Std VI – VII View Photos (Primary Section)

Online Independence Day Celebration

Today we are enjoying freedom because many sacrificed their lives for India. To salute these great souls our students of standard III to VII contributed their share by performing different activities during online sessions like drawings, slogan writing, writing of quotes or good thoughts, making bookmark in tricolour and writing of pledge, national anthem in presentable manner.
Std III – V View Video (Primary Section)
Std VI – VII View Video (Primary Section)

Kranti Din

We must not forget the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. To recollect their memories, a few activities were conducted for the students of standard 6th and 7th during online sessions on the occasion of Kranti din . View Photos…..

Rakshabandhan Activity

A simple knot So many Varied emotions Tied as one. Our students’ (std III to V) little effort to make World’s Most Special Bond – RAKHI View Photos…..

About DR. APJ Abdul Kalam

To give tribute to the Missile Man of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on his 5th death anniversary i.e. on 27th July 2020, teachers gave a brief information about him during online sessions. View Photos…..

Guru Pournima Celebration

‘Guru is inspiration, Guru is aspiration’. Our students believed in this and inspite of many barriers, they worshipped their gurus in a creative way.
View Video Std 3rd to 5th (Primary Section)
View Video Std 6 to 7 (Primary Section)

International Day of Yoga View Photos…..

National Science Day CelebrationView Photos…..

Marathi Rajabhasha Divas was celebrated in school in presence of renowned Poet Dr. Anupama Uzgare View Photos…..

Session on E-Waste Management (Std-7) View Photos…..

Sprout Chat Bhel Making (Std-4) View Photos…..

Traffic Awareness Programme View Photos…..

Lemonade Activity – View Photos…..

Ganesh Utsav

Students of std I to VII have creatively made different articles like flowers , buntings , makhar , crown making garlands ,pot painting & honey comb balls for the celebration of Ganapati Festival in school. View Photos…..

Educational Movie – View Photos…..

Paper Collage Activity – View Photos…..

File Making Activity – View Photos…..

Handwriting Activity – View Photos…..

Session on Peer Pressure

An Interactive session on Peer Pressure ,handling peer pressure,Positive and Negative Peer Pressure was conducted by expertise- Mrs. Smita Kadu and Mr. Abhishek Pawar. View Photos…..


Speak openly and debate honestly. View Photos…..

Fitness matters wellness work. View Photos…..

Explore the human life through an art.. View Photos…..

Being creative is not a hobby it’s a way of life. View Photos…..

Reuse today for better tomorrow. View Photos…..

Books build a stairway to your imagination View Photos…..


Co curricular activities helps in Speech and Language development, communication skills, Speech articulation, body language, creativity, time management ,teamwork, increases concentration, competitive spirit.

Marathi Rajabhasha Divas
To promote and create awareness about different folk culture of Maharashtra this year theme was Lok-Kala, students and teachers informed about importance of different folk culture, students performed on folk songs. View Video (Secondary Section )

National Science Day
Theme of National Science Day 2021 -“Future of STI: Impacts on Education, Skills and Work”With the same view students were given a topic AAJICHYA BATWYATUN Students collected and displayed the information through powerpoint presentations and charts of different medicinal herbs and its benefits and home remedies for different diseases. View Video – 1 (Secondary Section )
View Video – 2 (Secondary Section)

Republic Day

Students recited poems composed by them, speech , patriotic song, Drawing and Quiz competition was conducted for the students View Photos (Secondary Section)

Self Development

School is the first avenue of socialising for a child. Student development in higher education is the integration of academic learning programs with the larger issues of personal improvement and individual growth. It is a student centered, holistic experience focused on understanding (and demonstrating) values, nurturing skills, and moving towards knowledge.During this online sessions for the overall development of the students different activities and sessions were organised like Modern banking, Self Defense, Coding , Sensory evaluation, Manage Exam stress, Anger Management, Debate , Positive approach towards current crisis. View Photos (Secondary Section)

Diwali Activity

Diwali Activity was conducted for the students like making wall hanging, torans, Diya hangings using paper and decorative material . View Photos (Secondary Section)

Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers Day celebration organised by students of STD X . View Photo (Secondary Section)

Ganpati Celebration Activity 2020

Students made eco-friendly Ganesha, Ganesha idol from vegetables,flowers,utensils,paper .Different ornaments from foil and silver paper, Paintings of Ganesha from different States and countries.
Std VIII View Photos (Secondary Section)
Std IX View Photos (Secondary Section)
Std X View Video (Secondary Section)

Online Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day celebration activity by students of Std X. Students showcased their talent through Solo Singing,dance ,playing musical instrument and Poster presentation on the Theme Atmanirbhar. View Video (Secondary Section)

Sanskrit Din Celebration

Sanskrit Din was celebrated , Theme: Adi Shankaracharya.Students recited shlokas,Stotras,Stories in Sanskrit .Puzzles Crossword on life of Shankaracharya was created and conducted by the students. View Photo (Secondary Section)

Tribute to Lokmanya Tilak on his 100th Death Anniversary

Speech on Life and contribution of Lokmanya Tilak and Quiz on his life . View Photo (Secondary Section)

Tribute to Dr. A. P. J. Kalam by book narration and documentaries.

Students paid tribute to Dr.Kalam by Narrating stories from his books,Presenting documentaries on his contribution and presentation of his awards and missiles.His sketches ,doodle drawing ,poems ,quotes were presented too.
The main aim of the activity was create awareness and also develop book reading habits and have a good understanding about a good humanbeing . View Photo (Secondary Section)

Guru Pournima Celebration

To develop communication skills and to develop confidence to face the audience . Students performed live during online session Poem, Speech, prayer were presented about their Gurus by the students of Std VIII to Std X. View Video (Secondary Section)

World Environment Day 2020

Std X students participated in the group activity by sharing their views on the importance of Wolrd Environment Day. View Photos (Secondary Section) – View Video (Secondary Section)

Career Guidance Workshop

Career Guidance reports were discussed with the parents on 25/02/2020. One to one interaction with parents and students was conducted . View Photos…..

Career Guidance workshop for students of Std X was conducted by Antarang foundation from 27/01/2020 -31/01/2020. Interactive session with parents will be conducted and in detailed report of the students will be provided. View Photos…..

Traffic Awareness Programme

Traffic Awareness programme was organised by the Road Transport Officials, Students participated in Elocution ,essay writing ,Drawing and Rangoli competition conducted . View Photos…..

Kite Making

Makar Sankranti was celebrated by distributing til laddoos and Kite making activity was conducted. View Photos…..

Scholastic Book Exhibition

Scholastic book exhibition was arranged from 21st-23rd November .Educational books, novels, comics and attractive articles were displayed for sale for the students.Parents were invited to visit the Exhibition on Saturday 23rd NovemBER 2019. View Photos…..

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated by the students of secondary section.Skits on different topics like Gender equality, Awareness of plastic and Corruption were presented ,Also speech on importance of Hindi and Shri .Munshi Premchand were delivered by the students. View Photos…..

Educational Session

Sessions on Financial Management, Career guidance, Being an entrepreneur, Managing Stress and improving concentration with art skills, Interaction with person involved in skilled jobs like carpentry, Catering services, Sound arrangement, Event management, Flower decoration. View Photos…..

Educational movie “Pass ya Fail” was shown to the students on 7th August 2019 View Photos